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"The Prodigal" has begun

April 15, 2013
Posted at 8:40 pm

Picking up where "Triptych Part 2" (Odalisque on Amazon) left off, we find Kate and Tony attempting to recover from the emotional drain of Tony's memorial mural and their gallery opening. The first chapter of "The Prodigal" has posted this evening and is ready for reading.

This final story in the "Model Student" series will cover about two years in their lives, with many surprising developments. Tony and Allison will be playing racquetball at World's. Tony and Lissa will dance on the courts at Opens. Melody will accompany Tony to his New York debut while Lissa and Wendy go with Kate to San Francisco. And Tony will finally get to meet Brian Summers on the courts. And both Tony and Kate will discover their art again and again.

Chapters will post each Monday evening. Hope you enjoy this story as much as the previous stories in the "Model Student" series. To understand who the characters are, read the Cast and Notes. Follow links to the interviews with each character.

The first two serials in the series, Model Student and Triptych, have now been published in five parts as eBooks on Kindle and Nook.
Model Student Book 1: Mural (SOL Model Student chapters 1-5)
Model Student Book 2: Rhapsody Suite (SOL Model Student chapters 6-14)
Model Student Book 3: Diva (SOL Model Student chapter 15 through Triptych chapter 1)
Model Student Book 4: Triptych (SOL Triptych chapters 2-15)
Model Student Book 5: Odalisque (SOL Triptych chapters 16-48)
You can find them all by searching for me, Devon Layne, on either site. I do appreciate your support!