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April 14, 2013
Posted at 4:25 pm

It's been awhile, but my latest story is done and ready for uploading - the Swarm Cycle story RCAF. Although I've tried to make it "authentic", with real-world units and real-world aircraft and weapons and locations, it is a complete work of fiction. Nobody in it is real, nor do they represent anybody real, and besides, we never say how far in the future "the near future" might be.

Enjoy - and remember, don't say anything about "the tree".

When I write a story, I like to have a "theme song" playing in my head that seems to fit the theme - like a movie or TV show. For this story, there were two: David Guetta's Titanium (Cheyanne's cover) and Rihanna's Diamonds. Titanium talks about not being able to shoot me down, and Diamonds has lines referencing diamonds sparkling in flight. Somehow, I thought they fit.