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Thanks for the feedback!

April 12, 2013
Posted at 9:39 pm

I want to start out by saying a huge thanks to everyone who's comment and/or reviewed my story. If you've commented or reviewed my story, I'll try to reply back as soon as I can. I want you, the reader, to feel as though I do care about your opinions. If I don't reply right away, please be patient. I will reply back.

Thanks, especially, for the ones that pointed out some flaws in the story. A couple of them are downright stupid mistakes on my part. I've gone back through the story, yet again, and fixed the errors that have been brought up. I've been fortunate and had someone volunteer to edit my stuff, so I've sent the prologue and first four chapters the editor. Once I get those back I'll post the updated stuff and send the remaining chapters to him to review. In the meantime I'll be working on the next chapter.

I've been surprised that so many people have taken an interest in the situation with Kaitlyn. To address the questions I've received regarding her: no, I haven't forgotten about her; yes, I'll be addressing the problems with Lisa and Kaitlyn and even the problems with Kaitlyn and her step-father, Kyle. In fact, I'll be doing a story with Kaitlyn as the main character, one that's going to go into more depth and not be as romantic as "Saving One Another" is. I'm hoping that by then end of that story, you'll hate Lisa and Kyle as much as I do (in my mind LOL).

Again, if you rate my story and mark it down, please, please, please take a few minutes and let me know why. If there's a major problem that's caused you to mark it down yet don't tell me about, how can I be expected to fix it?

Lastly, a couple readers have brought up how similar my writing style/story is to another author here at SOL. I'll admit that this particular author served as a basis for my attempt at writing in the first person POV, so the original version that's currently posted, in some ways, looks a lot like this other author's stuff. It has not been my intention to appear as if I'm trying to plagiarize his stories. I'd thought I'd worked my own style of story-telling into my story as to not cause this particular issue. Obviously, I failed in that regards. So I have gone back through, in the process of my fourth edit of the story, to correct this issue too. I'm hoping that this story comes across now as my own and stands, or fails, on its own merits or failures. The thought that someone might think I'd plagiarize someone's work seriously bothers me and is something I want to avoid at all costs. What I haven't change in the story, though, (for those of you knowledgeable of this other author) is the whole older-engineer-younger-teen-girl-who-fall-in-love angle. The simple reason being that I'd orginally wanted the main character to be an aeronautical engineer (a career that I've always wanted to work in...but my math skills seriously suck), but in the Boise area there are no major aircraft design companies like Boeing or Northrup-Grumman. Had I not made that change, then the entire story would be different and the locale would be different as well. As I'm originally from the greater Boise area, I know that area like the back of my hand. Changing the story setting, for me, could cause many more mistakes. Hence, that part of the story is going to remain the same.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read and comment/critique my story.