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Chapter 133

April 12, 2013
Posted at 2:45 pm

It was pointed out that in 127 I mentioned that Bush phoned with the account number, preventing any chance of DNA being used to identify him. OK. True. I changed it so that the account number was messengered over. That should be good enough.

Lots of people are still informing me of which laws have been broken and the various penalties for anybody actually leaking classified material. This is all very interesting, but totally irrelevant. We are dealing with Washington, not the real world, and this is politics, not the law.

Leaking information is a spectator sport in D.C. It happens on a daily basis, and almost never gets prosecuted. For one thing, the reporters and media have an ironclad get-out-of-jail-free card in the First Amendment. It is nigh on impossible to force a reporter to divulge a source. Politicians and staffers leak info to show how important they are, to impress people, to seal the deal with a girl - information is power and power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. The only sin is in getting caught, which simply proves you aren't ready to play the game.

The average Washington politician or staffer has the attention span of a beagle. They don't think of long term consequences. Long term is the span of the next news cycle. Most of them would sell their mother in a Moroccan bazaar if it bought them favorable coverage on the evening news today. There is no penalty to them to do so. If they get caught they can weasel out of it based on their 'principles.'

So, in reality, nothing will happen to whoever leaked Carl's file. It just won't happen. If Carl quits the race in disgrace, the spigot gets shut off and his enemies go away happy. The only way it gets worse is if Carl doesn't go away. Hmmm…what might happen then?