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One week from tonight

April 8, 2013
Posted at 11:50 am

In the U.S., it's tax time. If you have an income, you are supposed to file income taxes on April 15. For me, it's time to file the first chapter of The Prodigal. I've been working hard on this last installment in the "Model Student" series. Old Rotorhead has been turning chapters around for editing almost as fast as I can send them to him. The first chapter is cued up and ready.

This installment will move a little more quickly than previous ones. It will still be pushing 150,000 words, but will be fewer, longer chapters. It covers close to two years in the lives of Tony and his lovers. A few new characters prove indispensible and some old characters prove less than dependable. But all told, this is a story that will leave the reader feeling happy, satisfied, and even victorious. I can hardly wait to write the ending (about three more chapters to finish yet).

Of course, in order to have a victory, there has to be insurmountable adversity over which to triumph. But that is where the true character of our players is tested. In The Prodigal, you can expect more challenges and even more of what has made the "Model Student" series successful so far: Art, Music, Lovers, and Racquetball, a four-movement symphony of passion.

Well, that gets my jets running, anyway.

In the meantime, my quest to travel is progressing as well. I expect to be on the road in August, wending my way south and east. What other directions can you travel from Seattle? In this country. I've acquired a Ford F150 truck to pull a travel trailer and am shopping for the trailer. I'll be writing sexy little stories all along the way and may have another one or two novel-length pieces as well. We'll see how it shapes up.

Well, the countdown continues . . .