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A two chapter day

April 4, 2013
Posted at 10:04 pm

SciFi Nut managed to blow through the latest Bells chapter quickly, so it and the new chapter of "Where Friendship Leads" are now up. I think my taunting him did the trick :)

I'm happy with both of the new chapters. Chapter 10 of The Magic of Bells was a tough write, mostly because I didn't know what to show. That's the hard part of these stories with large casts. There's so much going on, but you have to pick and choose where to enter scenes and when to leave. The last thing to go in was the bath scene, which I'm glad I did. The various family dynamics are fun, although you in the audience don't get to see much of them.

As for the other story, we finally get to meet Vicky, who I love. Actually, I'm a fan of all three of them. We'll see where they take me.