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Chapter 129

March 29, 2013
Posted at 2:57 pm

Everybody seemed to like 128, although a few thought it was a bit contrived and over the top (well, okay, it was!) One person complained that there is no real Springboro, Oklahoma. Nor was there a tornado on July 20. This is fiction, and I make shit up. There is no real Westminster Diner, either. Again, I make shit up.

Several people wonder about the level of the political crap that gets thrown at me, and I thought I would pass along an email I got from somebody. I mean, I'm inventive, but even I can't write stuff like this!

"Yeah, he "thinks only of other people" that's why he's a billionaire with a jet and vice president, because he couldn't think of any way to help others with all those billions except of course himself. What a crock of shit.

Your protagonist, AND YOU, are Lawful Evil. You believe in laws, in the system, in hierarchy, but deep down, you're evil and rotten to the core. You have no ideals, you have no principles, you have no core values. There is nothing you believe in or CAN believe in because your brain is totally fucking broken and can't support any such thinking.

It doesn't take youth to be passionate and idealistic. It takes a *superior kind of brain*. Whereas you have an INFERIOR kind of brain. One which is always 100% focused on ME ME ME ME ME. Egotistical selfish fuck.

Just because you're passive or submissive, like 99.5% of the human population, just because you're a COW, doesn't mean that you're any less evil and self-centered. 'Good' is beyond you as the whole NOTION of Goodness is totally and utterly incomprehensible to you. You probably think that Teresa of Calcutta or Gandhi or Tenzin Gyatso (to you the Dalai Lama) are Good people. The TRUTH is that they are EVIL. Evil in the extreme. They appeal to you only because they're POWERFUL Evil people. And because they're YOUR kind of Evil: Lawful Evil.

(sneer) Ugh."

Wow! How do I respond to that!? Well, at least I won't have to worry about explaining it to Saint Peter when I show up at the Pearly Gates, because now I know I'm heading south. It's like I said, even at my most inventive I can't write stuff like this! It's not clear to me whether this reader is liberal or conservative. I guess liberal, since Carl shouldn't be rich. Some of the stuff I get from the conservatives is just as bad.

Hey, folks, it's just a fucking story! FICTION!

Enjoy 129!