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Chapter 128

March 26, 2013
Posted at 1:54 pm

A few interesting comments after the last chapter. I think I will take this opportunity to report to everybody that neither Carl nor I are Communist, Socialist, or sleeping with Nancy Pelosi. Since I don't think Carl was very different in political thinking in the last chapter than in any of the preceding chapters, I find it amazing that anybody would last through 126 chapters before proclaiming Carl is too liberal to keep reading. Please, nobody write me on this. If Carl is too liberal or too conservative, just stop reading and don't complain.

Several readers were disappointed that Carl didn't take his knowledge of the bribe to the Justice Department or the newspapers in order to destroy George Bush. I actually considered doing that, but didn't think it would work for the story for several reasons. Yes, it would have destroyed Bush's Presidential run. It was a very tight election, and even though lawyers would have kept it clouded and confused, only a few percent of voters would need to be switched.

On the other hand, let us assume that Carl manages to really pull it off, with George doing a perp walk and getting thrown in jail. If he gets arrested before the convention, the Republicans will end up nominating McCain. (Carl is not officially on the ticket until the convention.) If George gets arrested after the convention, it's not 100% clear to me, but Carl might be the Presidential candidate by default, but will undoubtedly lose. Either way, Carl will be a pariah to his party and undoubtedly lose his position as Whip.

Finally, does Carl really want Bush to lose, if the alternative is that Al Gore wins? Gore is much more liberal than Bush or Clinton. Carl probably would prefer to be the voice in Bush's ear, than the Whip in a Gore presidency. We'll just have to see.

Meanwhile, I think everyone will enjoy Chapter 128.