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Sunday and Monday

March 19, 2013
Posted at 10:27 pm

My new short story-cum-novella (insert "cum" joke here) is up, or it should be soon. Like I wrote earlier, this one kind of got away from me, but I'm kind of glad it did because I ended up developing both the characters and the sex more than I would have if I had been concerned about word count (or releasing it within a reasonable timeframe). At the very least I hope it suited all of you underserved lesbian BDSM fans out there.

BDSM is kind of an odd thing to write, especially for me -- I'm not overly turned on by it, but I'm interested in the dynamics, and a lot of my favourite smut authors write a lot of BDSM stories. It definitely seems to be a part of the cultural zeitgeist right now. Generally there seem to be two divergent approaches -- tell the fantasy that a BDSM scene would be trying to replicate, or tell a story about people participating in BDSM play as they would in real life. The second route has some weird meta-narrative implications, so of course it's the one I chose. Sunday & Monday isn't "pomo porno" like, say, Tokyo Symphony, but there are definitely moments where the line between fantasy and reality gets called into question. I'd like to think that represents a kind of fantasy in itself rather than just a sterilized, politically correct version of what people really want to read.

Up next: Not Alone chapter 5! Hopefully I can remember the characters' names...