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New story starting tomorrow

March 18, 2013
Posted at 3:00 pm

After being unproductive for some time, I am going to publish something new, starting tomorrow. It is a romance and a period piece, set in the 1970's, entitled "Harvest of Expectations".

There will be 13 chapters. I intend to publish one every other day, which means that each new chapter will first appear on the odd-numbered days during March and on the even-numbered days after April 1 in order to keep the spacing.

I know 13 is an unlucky number for the chapters, but I ran out of gas and out of Geritol, so I had to end it there. (Besides, I'm not superstitious). So, help turn an unlucky number into a lucky one by tuning in.

The story is complete and edited, so unless I have a computer crash or forget to post because of my old age, the schedule should be secure.

See you tomorrow!