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Chapter 125

March 15, 2013
Posted at 2:46 pm

Last chapter I had some fun. The scene with the boys and the gun was modified from something that happened in real life. A friend of mine was down in his kitchen cleaning his shotgun when a young man came by to pick up my friend's daughter for a date. Now, my friend owns a big old country farmhouse, and as is the case with a lot of homes like that, the kitchen is the main focal point. A lot of the driveways and parking lots are near the kitchen, so young Romeo parked there and knocked on the kitchen door. He was greeted by my heavily bearded buddy holding a shotgun. Scared the crap out of the kid! All this happened at roughly the same time the Rodney Atkins hit song Cleaning This Gun came out. I had told my wife the story, and she knew my friend also, so whenever the song plays on the radio we both start laughing!

Do I really think Bush 43 was so bad? This one I had to do some research on, since I didn't want my personal feelings to interfere with Carl's. I found a fascinating chart on ranking the Presidents on Wikipedia:


The composite rankings of the Presidents had Bush 43 at # 34, in the bottom quartile of achievement. The names of those below him were a Who's Who of disaster, including most of the Presidents who led us into the Civil War, and the hopelessly corrupt reigns of Grant and Harding. At least George W. Bush didn't start a Civil War! His father was a respectable #22, right in the middle of the pack.

Finally, we see a very different future unfolding for Carl - or do we? Let's see how this works out.