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A requst

March 11, 2013
Posted at 4:55 am

I post this a while ago on my site and I think I should post it here as well:

This is *not* a solicitation for reviews of my work; if anything it is the reverse.

There have been five reviews of Kinsella, two for Rescue Branch and shortly after Hannah Sawyer went live, it had one.

All of the reviews are five stars.
((late note: now there is one with four stars and 23 with five stars))

Now, I certainly think my work is the greatest thing since sliced bread -- but I'm aware it is not.

What I would like to ask for, is if you write a review (for me, or for anyone) that you take some time and do a proper review. What makes up a proper review? Damned if I know.

I do know that Fanboi praise, "The greatest thing since sliced bread! I give it five stars!" is not really useful.

Look at some of the reviews for Kinsella. They actually talk about what the reader liked and why. You don't have to run on and on about it -- good reviews aren't like that.

I just want fair and reasonable comments on my work, and if they aren't a hundred percent five stars -- I appreciate hearing about what you didn't like.

Thanks in advance,

Gina Marie