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Future Postings: Results

March 9, 2013
Posted at 10:19 pm

Well, my 'test' of the best day to post stories is complete, as much as it were, though it is hardly 'scientific'. But the results are pretty clear.

It doesn't appear that the day I post doesn't have much of an effect. 24 after the Wednesday posting, at around 12:30 am, was 1968. The number after a late Friday posting (I was told that was a better time given the distribution of different countries around the world) was only 1733. I even gave it more time, to account for being off in when I chose to post, but he numbers didn't vary that much.

I'll check again for the total number of downloads, just to see if I got more downloads overall for the entire week, but I'm guessing that my fans are pretty loyal, and find my stories whenever I post them. I'm not sure changing posting days is a reliable way to find any new readers.

Thus I'll be posting on Wednesdays mornings, as usual, from now on. That seems to be what most people prefer anyway, since they like getting a little 'surprise' in the middle of the week. The weekends are pretty crowded as everyone seems to post then.

Now, on to other things...

There's something I've been meaning to bring up, but I wanted to get this 'test' out of the way first. So check back in a couple of days, as I have a BIG announcement about the "Catalyst" series, both the entire series and the conclusion, "Building a Legacy". I'll make the announcement on Monday, so it'll be available when I post the next chapter on Wednesday.

Can you all say "cliffhanger"?