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GD2: Ch. 10: The man who wouldn't give up

March 8, 2013
Posted at 7:39 pm

Well, I just posted the second chapter of the week (see the previous blog entry about my little 'experiment').

Another writer contacted me about my Saturday posting idea, and suggested that I try Friday afternoon (EST), as from his own postings he'd found that time to be better as it hits the most countries Saturday peak.

So I'll see how well it works. I'll let everyone know the results so they'll know when to look for the next chapter.

This chapter is an interesting one, as it tests everyone's theory about David's plasma treatment, though it also details his 'other treatment', unobserved by the others before, which is how he encourages those he treats, and that helps them pull thru better than the hospital's tendency to just leave patients on their own doesn't.

There's also a couple little surprises at the end.