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Chapter 123

March 8, 2013
Posted at 3:38 pm

A lot of responses to Chapter 122, well over 60. Most of them were quite positive, and for once nobody pointed out any typos. 123 is a short chapter, but should be fun.

Approximately 10% of my readers commented that Clinton should have been impeached or prosecuted. Their arguments were clear, cogent, and accurate. They went along the general line that lying to prosecutors or in sworn testimony is perjury, regardless of what the subject matter is. If you don't want to lie, take the 5th. However, lying is important, and failure to prosecute sends the wrong message to everybody else.

This is all quite true. On any kind of purely factual basis I have no way to argue with this. My response is simply that there is lying and then there is lying. I think it is important to differentiate what somebody is lying about. We aren't talking about murder or money laundering or insider trading. We are talking about consensual oral sex. If we started jailing people for cheating on their spouses and then lying about it, we are going to have to build an awful lot of jails!

Regardless, from here on in there are going to be some major changes to the timeline. Up until now Carl has been surfing, along riding the wave of history, but now he has decided to make some changes, and important ones. You might not agree with all of them, but here they come!