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Trudi - not dead - and nor am I

March 8, 2013
Posted at 5:30 am

So I spent a little time earlier this year trying to rewrite Trudi as an older university student whose adventures might be publishable.

Well, it was fun, but there were aspects of Trudi's behaviour I had to lose and that I missed. And that rather took the wind out of my sails in that regard.

But it didn't take me forward with progressing Trudi.

Until, that is, I swallowed what may or may not be my husbristic pride in my writing and accepted that, regardless of how much attention is paid to Trudi's adventures here on SOL, I have a great time writing about her and her fellow intruders upon Simon's anticipated quiet retirement.

All of which means, I'm re-reading what I've already written, have a few ideas about Jemma, and am tentatively working up a chapter featuring the details of Jemma becomes another of Simon's students.

After that, there may be chapter about Eleska's first lesson(s) but there will surely be more to follow concerning the enchanting Miss Maclean, especially once she turns 15 and, in her mind, is now that much closer to not being a criminal issue for Simon...

Who knows, by then I may have written enough to 'earn' premier membership so I can more easily track those stories and authors who interest me.