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Readers say the cutest things

March 8, 2013
Posted at 12:48 am

Sometimes I get an email from a reader that contains something so interesting, or profound or some other adjective, that I feel the need to share it.

Sometimes I share those things by putting them in a story. But sometimes the thing is not well suited for that.

Such is the case in an email I recently received where a reader was responding to one of my whines about mean critics. Actually, I don't mind criticism. It helps me be better. But I do get a little testy when someone is rude about it. As this reader later said: "I'm old, and people expect old guys to be cranky, so deal with it." That's a paraphrase, but it's loyal to his original comment.

I knew I would enjoy his email when he started out by defining a critic as follows: critic : a pestilential one-legged man who teaches another how to run.

Anyway, here is something he worked up as a response to someone who calls me to task for mixing up homophones in a story:
"I'll exculpate (exculpate vb : to clear from alleged fault or guilt. Synonym absolve, exonerate, acquit, vindicate, clear) myself by directing your attention to a simple two-word Latin phrase, 'idem sonans'. (Idem sonans, [sounding the same], an adjective. In legal terminology, the rule that the wrong spelling of an important word in a document does not invalidate the document, if the mistakenly spelled word sounds the same as the intended word.) I believe that says it all, thank you for reading and noticing."

I think that's just awesome, so I wanted to share it.

However! Its naught my weigh to bee meen wen I respond bak two reeders hoo have criticised me.

So don't be surprised if I just say: If you knew what I meant, then that means there was successful communication.

Thanks for making my life so interesting.