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The Bells story you're not getting

March 6, 2013
Posted at 10:26 pm

The latest chapter is with the editor, but he's busy with things so I promise nothing with regard to when you'll be seeing it. I'm well along with the chapter after that, but even if it's ready tomorrow odds are you won't see it edited and posted until next week.

I've decided, after the current tale, to do some short stories. If you look at my output, it's mostly series, even if they don't start that way. I'd like to just experiment, play around. Comments in the google SOL forum about how m/m stories are vanishing because readers trash them in the voting has me thinking of doing one, just because. The gay characters in my stories have bonked off camera, and that probably should change. Thinking of new projects also brought to mind half started ones. Unlike some, I don't have tons of unfinished stories. Very little makes it out of my mind onto the page that does not get finished. Aether Ever After sat with just three pages done for months, but that was an aberration. One story, though, got to the stage of being fully formed mentally before being abandoned, and I never intend to write it.

It's a Bells story.

There was a reader, back when readers actually wrote to me, who had decided Mary and her mother Hannah were evil bitches. They had completely forgotten about Mary's Dad, showing no sadness at his absence. It was fair, really. While there was some mention of him, at the start of The Bells of Home, I didn't harp on it, and when I checked in on Mary she had other things on her mind. So, I got to thinking... could I do something with him? Write another side story?

The plot was simple. It's a month or so after the events of The Bells Toll for Mary, Earth time. Outside Rochester, NY, her friend Wendi, along with Wendi's older brother Steve, are out snowmobiling when they see someone collapsed in the snow. They run over, and find... a furry creature with the face of a human girl. Goldie. Goldie has made it into our world, specifically to contact Mary's Dad. The Squirrels have one machine that still works, and she has one hour to convince Mark to make the one way trip to be with his daughter.

There's more details, naturally, and I had fun with each character deciding what to bring on this last minute, all or nothing trip. It ended with Mark and his new wife, Wendi, Steve, and their parents all making the trip to the planet Home. The residents of the new village there see the new arrivals, and...

...and here's the problem. In my head, Melinda and Alicia, two who had accepted their exile rather well, became violent. WHY only Mary's father? Why not their family? Their friends? Why the FUCK was she special?!?

All valid questions, and not one I wanted to deal with. So... no story.

Stupid characters, having free will...