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GD2: Ch. 9: Stupid Ideas Justified

March 5, 2013
Posted at 9:00 pm

An interesting chapter that explores the central conflict of the story I established in chapter 8, refining it. While it further explores the newest people in David's house, the main focus is on the discussions between Tom, Monique and David over the best approach to take the in the future, and which risks are not only acceptable to take, but even which deaths are acceptable in terms of potential future benefit (anyone hear echoes of Dr. Mengele?).

It's an interesting discussion, with very important repercussions, which has a major impact on the story's overall direction, so I think you'll enjoy it. I'm sure you'll understand why I had to wander through so many steps before reaching this central element of the story once you've read it (if not, I'll explain it all in the Discussion Group 'D ).