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Re Edits and Re- Visions

March 2, 2013
Posted at 3:55 pm

Re Edits and Re- Visions

Books I &II of Over the Hills and Faraway have been re-edited, and it is now the long winded, and the pain-in-the-bum job, of formatting them, ready to upload to SOL, that needs to be done - but I'm gradually working my way through them.
Several factual errors, typo's, errors in grammar and punctuation, have been addressed , as well as removing many 'he saids' 'she saids', as well as explanations in brackets (parentheses). Hopefully this will make the stories a smoother read.

I have always been a bit sniffy of those authors who make changes to their story after receiving adverse reader feedback on some aspects of the story. A writer writes, a reader reads; the latter has the right to make their opinion of the story known to the former; the former has the right to ignore that opinion. I do not intend changing the names of any of the characters in the series Poacher's Progress, although I will take more care in selecting names for future characters.
However I am making alterations to Book III of Over the Hill and Faraway solely on the feedback from one reader.

There are several stereotype, probably unkind, and certainly untrue, portrayals of Germans in some chapters of Book III. As some one born just prior to WWII I had certain prejudices, concerning the German people, inculcated in me. I am not proud to admit to them, and indeed I have gradually rid myself of them. The personality I devised for Dewey Desmond did not have any prejudices concerning Germans, and so those stereotypical /prejudiced comments 'he' made were not true to his character. That was bad writing on my part, and it is something I will be aware of from now on.

I have removed /altered some content from some chapters of the story, not because they gave offence but because the opinions expressed were not those of the character, Dewey Desmond, but were, sub consciously, mine. I doubt if many of you will be aware of the changes, but at least one reader will be, and I thank him for alerting me to my error.

Dewey and I do hold similar views concerning West Ham United Football Club -- and Deborah Harry.

Thank you for your forbearance.
Jack Green