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And the new Bells story is...

March 1, 2013
Posted at 3:05 pm

Well, some of you may have noticed a slight change in the description of The Magic of Bells. Took awhile to get here, but, yes, this is a crossover story. Never done one of those before! The next chapter or two should be interesting, at least on my end. You readers, as always, are on your own.

I made some minor additions to the Secret Invid Fan Bookstore, which has yet to see any action. The first few copies of The Waifs and Love Unexpected that I printed up had minor formatting problems, so they're available at a discount. I now have copies of all four books in my hands, which is way cool. You can, too!

OK, that's it. No more shilling. I can sell nothing just as easily with less effort :)