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Writing vs sleep

February 27, 2013
Posted at 9:33 pm

I work odd hours. My body likes normal hours. Thus, at times I go for a few days with just two or three hours sleep at night, other times I'll crash for 12 hours when I get home. Today was a crash day, so not much writing has been done. I did get something down, at least, and I'll probably have a chapter done sometime tomorrow. Whether you see anything before Monday will depend on my editor's workload.

Reader feedback has been sporadic, with what mail does show up more often dealing with an old story than the new stuff. As I told one reader, to quote Spinal Tap's manager, my audience is getting more selective :) Today's two emails were regarding The Waifs and No Man is an Island. The latter has always amused me, reader reaction wise. I like the thing, but most get to the end and go, "wait, what?" The way the score just hangs there at 5.98, 5.99, is great. Someday, some reader will push it over the hump to a 6!

Someday, my new bookstore will make a sale at well. We'll see which happens first!