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Magic Ink IV - The final chapters

February 22, 2013
Posted at 5:51 pm

The concluding chapters of Magic Ink IV have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

These final chapters open with the Eternal Flame appearing near the stage of the auditorium. After confirming Ken and Kell's stories, he has a private message and instructions for them and their twins. Three of the gold coins from the treasure are left on the stage.

The next morning priorities are set for what they need to do. The following day they go shopping to buy clothes, food, and wedding ring sets.

On Saturday, Ken and Kell go to the Otherworld to arrange for their wedding in two weeks. Later their Moms take the girls shopping for wedding dresses.

On 31 July they leave for the Otherworld to be married. There are problems when they arrive, but they are handled by Etain. The following day their families arrive and there are more questions. There is shock when the family learns that the Mac Sweeney Sisters intend to take the Master's examination.

There is much celebrating after they are married at Sundown on the second of August. The newlyweds remain in the Otherworld an additional two weeks. Before departing, the Mac Sweeney Sisters amaze everyone by passing the test for Master Rank.

It isn't until the 17th of August that Ken and Kell announce that they and their Wives are leaving for the Third Reality to help their Brothers, Sisters, and Cousins. The story ends with their departure.

In the Epilogue, Kell, on his 33rd birthday, looks back at some of the things that have occurred in the intervening years.

It has been an adventure writing this story. The characters always surprised me with what they came up with while following my general outline. I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it.

I am currently working on Magic Ink V. It requires a substantial amount of research, and while I am only on chapter 4, I already have done much research. It will be some time before the story appears. I am also continuing to work on Amulets of Power V and have 5 chapters written on it from last summer. It too will require extensive research. The stories will appear when they are far enough along to be sure that they can be posted without any interruptions. I ask your forbearance until they appear.

Keep Well,
uncle jim