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Tumblr Contraband

February 22, 2013
Posted at 1:52 pm

Lubrican, in his blog post announcing the first story in his Tumblr series (which I highly recommend, BTW), posts a link to the "underbelly to Tumblr", which is "basically endless porn".

He's right, of course. Much of it appears to be amateur porn, too, shot by boyfriends or even by the girls themselves. (Plenty of penises on proud display, as well, if you like looking at those.)

Strangely, every now and then you will see a close up of a cute little cunny, emphasis on "little". More oval than linear, sort of thing.

Once again, we see that technology is making laws against contraband moot. In the past, you needed special equipment, and substantial skills, to produce contraband of most any kind. That made it rare and expensive.

Now anybody can make anything. In the present instance, oily hooligans are no longer necessary to manufacture and distribute certain classes of images. No studio needed, no expensive camera, printing presses, dim storefronts.

Just about any girl who thinks of it (without, you know, actually thinking about it, something young folk find notoriously difficult) can stick her cell phone down her knickers, snap her dragon, and click send.

Poof! Instant teenage state or federal felon! Hundreds, thousands of 'em! And tens, hundreds of thousands more created by anyone simply scrolling down at one of the sites under discussion, whether they notice or not.

Far too many to pursue and prosecute, much less imprison in our overflowing citizen warehouses.

These laws are no longer tools for stopping bad people from injuring the innocent.

They are handles by which any citizen can be grabbed if he becomes...inconvenient.