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If My Story Upset or Offended You!

February 22, 2013
Posted at 1:40 pm
Updated: February 22, 2013 - 2:10 pm

I received a nasty gram recently from someone who just started reading Family Feud Series from the last chapter I posted.

I assume this because they have not seen the progression of how things became this way and the agreements made by the members of the family.

Had they read from the prequel (Family Feud I) they would have seen the transition of every family member over time. Many people have written me positive and constructive feedback about how Bill and Chris have grown confident and more thoughtful, and how the girls more accepting and sometimes even insisting on the discipline when things became rough.

I chalk it up to the fact that the characters are believable enough that even if you had a negative reaction to what happened to them- you had an emotional response that prompted you to write me the tirade. I suppose I should see that as a good thing.

They also were mad because I mentioned a fetish and/or something that they had an opinion on (The 49ers? really? this is your problem with the story?). They must not realize I've tried to include everything and anything in my story that I think would/will happen even if I personally don't get into it.

I have references to old songs, new songs, computer games, television shows, all sorts of real life stuff that happens outside of the sex that I think someone may get into. In order to write about something people may get into conversely some people will NOT get into those things.

There are not a lot of 'universal things everyone is into' and I would not confine my story to those. If something in the story is not for you - just keep reading you are bound to find one you are in my story. That or don't keep reading - I really don't care.

The story isn't about those things - they just happen while the story is being told in the background.

I am also not book smart. I have come a long way in correcting my own writing but it is difficult for some one to self-correct their own grammar mistakes. You wrote it so you are close to your own writing and know what it is supposed to say.

I have some friends who help me with mistakes. However, I usually post a 'finalized rough draft' before it goes through their critical eyes and gets re-posted. They are very busy and I get excited to post up my story and can't wait.

If my lack of understanding of the subtle differences between "To" and "Too" bug you or my inability to write without using a hyphen - and that upsets you enough to write me then this blog is for you as well.

But having said that, I thought it was time for a heartfelt and sensitive disclaimer about my story upsetting or offending you because I am aware of how traumatic that may be;

Four Things: If my story upset or offended you!!

1. I am SORRY!
2. It won't ever happen again, I PROMISE!!
3. 1 and 2 are lies
4. Get over it, it's just internet fiction not real life.

I never set out to please everyone. I just write the kind of story I would like to read and if it pleases people that is great. If not then tough titty.

Thank you