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February 20, 2013
Posted at 9:00 pm


I'm still around, but trying to figure out what to do next. I have several projects including a cmsix Nanovirus quasi-time travel saga, but I have it on hold for now. I have been working on a Swarm Cycle saga (like everyone else, lol). It involves a family of geniuses and members of the patriarch's company forming a pre-pack, with disastrous results initially. Then their luck changes and things get better. The general premise is that the patriarch is developing technology that the Confederacy wants to help defeat The Sa'arm, so he had negotiated to move his families and employees (and their families and prospective concubines) to a frontier world. There, they plan to set up a closed society that treats concubines somewhat equal to sponsors (within the limits of Confederacy laws). They plan to enforce these rules with tough local ordinances (involving punishments) and the threat of being terminated from the project (and therefore having to find employment somewhere else in the Confederacy in a civilian or military capacity).

Initially, the saga stories will focus on the fact that one of the family members is unable to make the special pickup for the family, but luckily gets picked up when marines are required to do an impromptu pickup at another location. The problem is that this family member is on a different ship (though he'll end up on the same world eventually).

This two story saga will run parallel with each chapters covering the same time frame between the bulk of the family and then the adventures of the one who is separated. There are some MC elements to the saga, but it really is not the thrust of either story (but it fores play a part).

Eventually, I plan to write a third story that unifies the characters and deals with their society and exploits. The big thing is how the characters deal with the whole mentality of how concubines are chattel and how they protect their loved ones who are considered to be chattel by the government (yet how a good number of sponsors within the confines of their pods treat their concubines like wives and care about them).

I have read a good deal of Swarm Cycle stories and see this as somewhat a novel approach. I'd be curious to know what any Swarm Cycle Authors group members think of the idea (and would love to find an editor who might be interested in working with me).

Other than that, I'm still considering which of my stories I might port over from MCStories next. So, stay tuned...