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Invid Fan's Secret Bookstore now open

February 20, 2013
Posted at 5:58 pm

First, the latest chapter of The Magic of Bells is with my editor, and will show up at some point.

Second, I'd like to announce my new Bookstore.

What is this? I'm glad you asked.

I was distracted of late with a chance to sell my work online. That, for various reasons, fell through, although I wish them well. It made me realize, though, that there's no reason I can't just do it myself, given what I already had. Thus, this. I'm offering four books, in ebook and print form. The books are:

The Bells of Tanah
The Bells of Home
The Waifs
Love Unexpected/From the Aether

Print editions are from an on demand printer, so will take awhile to deliver, but are quite nice. I was waiting for the Ai stories to make it through the printing process before opening the store, and those shipped today.

SOL isn't meant to advertise other sites, so this will be the only time I post the link most likely. I will, naturally, link to it from my ASSTR page. I honestly don't expect to sell much, but you never know.

Thanks for reading.