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Tumblr series

February 19, 2013
Posted at 10:31 pm
Updated: March 1, 2013 - 2:15 pm

I have started posting the first Tumblr story, which has four chapters. The second one has twenty or more, and the other two are more in the four, five six range. I'll post them in the order they were written in.

Now, several people have asked me about these tumblr sites I reference in the stories. Some of you may access Tumblr at it's main site, which is where there is a variety of interesting things to look at. That is the G rated section of Tumblr.

There is an underbelly to, though, that we will hope your granddaughter never sees. The websites I used in the stories themselves are fictional. But I will put the link to a real site in this blog entry so those of you who wish to see what one looks like can do so.

Here is one example of one of the sites: WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING Several readers have told me they went to this site with no problem, but one reader got a virus that is potentially disasterous. See a later blog entry for full details.

Once the page loads, you'll be in the current month, and you can page down to see all the thumbs posted on this particular site that month. If you click on a thumb, it enlarges and you can see some of the other things I'll talk about in the stories, such as who else liked that picture, and who reblogged it. If you click on one of the links in the list of people who liked it or reblogged it, it takes you to another site. It's basically endless porn.

So there you go ... a visual aid to the stories I'm in the process of posting. You'll see exactly the same kind of photos I talk about in the stories. That's because I saw those photos myself, and decided to write about how they got there.

Thanks for reading.