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Magic Ink IV Chapter 37 & 38

February 15, 2013
Posted at 5:40 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators to be posted.

This week's chapters open with everyone transferring to Kess-Corran to close all of the entrances and exits from the Otherworld in that Reality. They return to Dyster O'Dea for a few days following that. They all return to their castles after that, as there is much to do there before they leave.

On the 28th, the Eternal Flame transfers them from the Other Reality to their Realm and Reality where it is only the 15th of July. On reaching their Parent's houses there are many questions to be answered and a few revelations.

Following the ladies departure to see the houses, their Fathers bring up the problem of the fields to their Sons. There is work to be done on the tractors before they can start on the fields. Later in the kitchen there is much surprise when the cold room spell is revealed.

The guys and their twins checkout the houses that they will be using temporarily. The women are interested in seeing the bathrooms. Following dinner at Ken's Parent's, the subject of the girl's education and their being tested is brought up. Things are partly explained.

Later in their house, Ken rubs soap into the twins skin for a while in the shower before they go to bed, and eventually to sleep. After breakfast the next morning, they start work on the fields.

Following the clan dinner that night in the auditorium, Ken and Kell introduce their twins and tell the story of their travels in the Other Reality in Ireland. Just as they are finishing, the Eternal Flame appears in the auditorium.

Enjoy these two chapters. The final chapters will appear next week.