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Screwed Up!

February 14, 2013
Posted at 12:10 pm

There's that old joke: Guy's sitting at the bar, drowning his sorrows when another guy asks what the problem is.

"You know, I was a long-haul truck driver for years, but nobody ever called me 'Jerry the truck driver'. I worked as a carpenter. Nobody called me 'Jerry the home-builder'. I was in the navy, but nobody ever called me 'Jerry the sailor'. But fuck ONE sheep..."

So this morning I uploaded what I thought was the next chapter of 'Community' but in the fog of the morning I pulled up chapter 5 of 'Melodic Redemption' instead.

It was a revelation. I got a positive avalanche of email advising me that I had indeed trod upon my tallywhacker.

By the time I'd read the second of fifty emails I'd re-posted the correct file, and it's fixed now, but from the sheer volume of email in such a short time, it shows that an awful lot of people are waiting on me to post.

I will try to be worthy of your attentions.