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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

February 13, 2013
Posted at 9:12 am

I've been having fun working on "Prodigal" and getting ready for April. I'm covering a lot of territory in this one and it's taxing. Racquetball Worlds and Opens, Art openings, Lissa, Melody, Kate, and Wendy. Then there's Christmas, competition, a different kind of summer, rival agents, work, love, and who knows what kind of angst I'll be able to throw in. I'm exhausted already!

But the real exhaustion has come from work (as an editor) pressing on me the past two months with more due by the end of Feb. Then there is getting my Literary Competition entries pulled together, presentations and writing workshops, and "the big adventure."

Funny how a little wistful dreaming has become a plan and might end up a lifestyle.

I mentioned here once before that I was thinking about selling the house and packing up in a motorhome and traveling the country. (See my story "Bucket List" Well, the germ of that idea kept growing and I spent last weekend at an RV show gathering information and sitting in various recreational vehicles thinking about what it would be like to live there. Originally, I thought I could live in a small motorhome (Class B) and there are some beauties. But the longer I sat in one the more cramped it felt. Then Geoff in New Zealand wrote to say:

"Buy a trailer/caravan rather than an RV/Motorhome ... I own a camp in New Zealand, and see daily how something with motor built in somehow compels people to drive them each day, whereas the discerning traveller with a drag behind home is much more sedate and likely enjoy their travels much more and have time to meet more people than just other mile hogs! (thus being able to write more stories)."

Well, that made sense and I started sitting around in a variety of travel trailers, gradually honing in on the 17-20 foot ultra-lightweights. I think I could actually set up a mini office in one of these and continue to do my writing and editing business from anywhere I happened to be parked. The next RV show is coming up March 14 and I'm looking forward to that now that I've refined my needs.

Of course, if you tow a trailer, you need a vehicle to tow with. Understand that I'm not a wealthy man, so paying $40k-plus for a vehicle is out of the question. My whole package budget (car and trailer) will be about $30k. I started looking around for good used vehicles that had a lot of towing power. I'm narrowing it down to something along the lines of a Dodge Durango that has adequate cargo space inside to carry a little more of my household with me (seasonal clothes and a few manuscripts, for example) and have the towing power to cart my two ton home behind it through mountains, deserts, swamplands, and prairies. I'm having a little difficulty adjusting to the concept of getting ten to twelve miles per gallon on the road, but you can go a lot of miles for the price of upgrading to a more fuel efficient vehicle.

If you've got experience with any of these vehicles or towing situations, I'd love to hear from you. Maybe I'll even meet you when I'm on the road and like the old song says, "Looking for love in all the wrong places."