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Steady Progress

February 11, 2013
Posted at 10:53 am

I've been making steady progress with "A Tortured Soul", the second book of the Tutelam Venit Series. As things stand I've written fourteen and a half chapters which comes to almost sixty-two thousand words. As I've said before, the average chapter length in this book is almost double that of the first book. That would indicate I'm at or just past the half-way mark, but we shall have to see about that.

The plot and the new characters I've introduced in this book are both developing continually as I write it. For example, there's a character called Imogen, who came about because of a need for Paul to have a friend on the same course of study. Her part then grew to be a point of conflict for Paul later in the book, but now that point of conflict seems to have passed to a different character, Imogen's friend Vanessa.

Similarly, I introduced a character called Steve, who I had originally intended to play a major part, but that role may now have to pass to a different (as yet un-introduced character) because of the changes to my plans for Imogen.

What is coming through from my beta-readers is that this book is more disturbing than the first. I've been told that each chapter leaves you with a sense of anxiety rather than anticipation - which is just what I'm after.

So, in terms of getting on with this book, I'm in a pretty good place right now.