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Magic Ink IV Chapters 35 & 36

February 8, 2013
Posted at 5:42 pm

The new chapters have sent to the Moderators for posting.

This week's chapters open with Ken resuming the narrative for the remainder of the story. Ken, Kell, and their women have a relaxing week before they must return to Sligo to determine where the renegade Wizards will be meeting.

They return on Friday, the 11th. Kell and the Mac Sweeney Sisters go north to check an area there. Ken and his twins checkout Carrawmore, Knocknarea, and Comeen to the west of Sligo Town, but no signs of the Wizards are found in any of those places.

After a night at the Silver Swan Hotel, they leave for Castlebaldwin the next morning. Again, Kell and his twins check out several areas, as do Ken and his twins, but no signs of the Wizards are found.

That afternoon, they all go to Carrowkeel, and quickly find that one or more of the Wizards have been there. After checking all of the tombs in the Carrowkeel area, they also check on Kesh-Corran.

That night it is decided not to use any Magic the following day, the 13th, so the Wizards will not be able to detect them. This does present certain problems the next morning.

Sunday afternoon they sense the arrival of the Wizards. The Mac Sweeney Sisters can read some of their thoughts, especially when they are angry. That evening, they all move to Carrowkeel to stop the Wizards.

The ghosts of Wizards buried at Carrowkeel confront the renegade Wizards as they are about to begin. Ken, Kell, and their women handle the five subordinate Wizards while the ghosts dispose of the leader. The ghosts return to their tombs and they guys and their twins return to the hotel.

Enjoy these two chapters. There are still a few more to go.