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Updates on new chapters, and printed books

February 7, 2013
Posted at 7:36 pm

Hello again.

Well, SciFi Nut has told me he'll be busy for a few days, so any new chapter I deliver to him won't be even looked at until Monday, at the earliest. So, blame him. This probably means you'll get two chapters next week, at least.

I've gotten no interest in printed copies of my books. Never the less, I've ordered a test copy of The Bells of Tanah. If that looks good, I'll probably just order copies of everything for myself, although the offer is still open. I'm formatting The Waifs this evening, and have pulled the old cover painting Martina Pilcerova did twenty years ago off the wall to be scanned for the cover.

Speaking of The Waifs, I love the current score. It's almost down to where it was when the story ended the first time, proving it's now how it's written that matters, but the story itself.