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Chapter 114

February 5, 2013
Posted at 3:57 pm

Chapter 113 saw the return of a real favorite, General Hawkins. Hawkins was one of the most hated guys in this story, and I've had hundreds of emails since he was introduced demanding that Carl do something for revenge! I've had story ideas for having Carl kill him, having Carl hire commandos to kill him, having Carl use his fortune to destroy the man, etc. Usually the desire to destroy Hawkins was coupled with a desire to destroy all the bad guys in Honduras - the MP Sergeant, the Provost Marshall, & the 2nd Lieutenant. I don't think anybody was expecting what happened, which is probably a good thing for a writer.

Also being suggested is that Hawkins will now have a desire to go after Carl, and that Carl needs to beef up his security. The theory is that as an ex-general, Hawkins knows all sorts of commando types for hire. In reality you can't just go down to Commandos-R-Us to find killers. While there are plenty of outfits that do that, they are extremely expensive and almost always involve overseas travel and government approved contracts. It would actually be far easier for Carl to be able to do that sort of thing than an ex-general, by being able to set up dummy corporations and contracts. The ex-general would have plenty of access to old friends who have retired, but how many of them would actually be friends? This sounds a whole lot better in a bad TV movie than in real life. Also, don't forget, as has been mentioned Carl is using a high end security service. Lots of ex-government types - Secret Service, FBI, diplomatic security, etc. He might not be such an easy target.

One curious thing I've noted is that so many readers think Carl is such a wonderful fellow. I actually had a few readers who commented that they were surprised by Carl's comment about payback being a bitch, which they found out of character. I remind everyone that Carl is just a man, a normal man, and one with a ruthless streak as necessary. He has already murdered five men! They were bad men, but still! We'll have to see how that works out in the future.

I made an erroneous statement in 113 about the Army not making any night drops since D-Day. It was pointed out to me that there were airdrops into both Grenada and Panama, so I had to do a small rewrite on that paragraph. I debated saying that Carl didn't know about it but then realized that as tied into the 82nd as Carl is, he would have known. Thank you, N12614.

Did the Contract with America start out this way? Not in real life! It was actually thought up in a think tank at a later date, and then sold to Gingrich. Doing it sooner rather than later lets Carl stay in control and earns him bonus points for the future. What will he do with them?