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Magic Ink IV Chapters 33 & 34

February 1, 2013
Posted at 5:32 pm

This weeks chapters open with Ken revealing the Treasure of the Firbolg Kings to Kell and the Sisters. He also has questions about the Wizards that Kell and the Sisters stopped. They also learn when the Wizards will meet.

The following day, they stop in Ennis before continuing on to Glenquin Castle. At the castle, Sunshine and Rose learn their last name. The Mac Sweeney Sisters are disappointed with the Guest Chamber, but are amazed by the Great Hall.

Following the evening meal, the women go to bathe - alone, and Ken and Kell go up to the turret to view the night sky. Later the women go with them to see it.

The next day, Ken, Kell, and the women transfer to Fantstown Castle. They find it deserted and several floors are a mess. Returning to the bawn, they find several men there seeking employment at the castle. After speaking with them for a time, they start on cleaning up the castle for occupancy.

Later they return to Glenquin to collect the people that will be helping them temporarily at Fantstown.

After repairing things in the Great Hall, Kell interviews those applying for positions at the castle. Following the evening meal, Kell and Ken locate Master Fiacha's treasure. Kenn and the O'Hallian Sisters return to Glenquin for the night.

Enjoy these two chapters. There is more next week, but the story will be ending soon.