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Sexting, amateur porn and our society

January 30, 2013
Posted at 1:04 pm
Updated: January 30, 2013 - 1:13 pm

Sexting is the new Bullying.
Children and the culture of pornography: 'Boys will ask you every day until you say yes'
It may be seen as hypocritical for me to express my being disturbed by this but think about it:
Sex is most delicious when kept private. When it becomes commonplace in public, what thrill is left? Hell it's easy to see 'anal' is the new norm.. even saw joking about that on a prime time sit-com last night. WTF?! I'm no hypocrite, I've offered anal to girls since the mid sixties. Most took me up on it, out of curiosity of course. But the LAST thing I'd ever do was to coerce them into it. Or tell anyone else we did that.. or any sex, for that matter. Makes a great shared experience any time we met in the future.

So.. ever more 'perversion'? And then what.. all I can
think of is 'snuff'

And yeah.. I watch 'youporn'. Who doesnt enjoy it?

The point is, that it shouldnt be so easy to get to. And guess what... the hottest clips are girls 'tricked' into being 'subs'. And it's easy according to the scenarios which I think, by my first hand experiences, are only slightly exaggerated. How to fix it? I frankly dont know. Guess it's up to parents to get wise.
And I submit it's just as harmful to boys and their futures as it is girls.
Again... when it's common as mud, where's the fun in it?