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January 2013 Update

January 28, 2013
Posted at 6:36 am

Just posted a sequel to the Holly Honeypot story as the model changes the scenario from San Diego to Las Vegas. Lots of fibers of reality in this fictional account. I have about 20 stories that need sequels and I will devote the entire month of February to writing nothing but sequels. I did manage to write 28 new stories during January but they are not posted to SOL or any other site than Any sequels for 2011-2012 stories will, of course, be posted to SOL. February is a short month but I still hope to have about 25 sequels written during February. I think I am going to post a non-erotic story to SOL that I recently wrote as an experiment in non-erotic writing. Strangely, the characters are all female including the inanimate drone entity. I wonder if that means I derived erotic pleasure in writing a non-erotic story. I have a desire to take an advanced degree in creative writing because the sum total of what I don't know is far greater than what I do know. I remember when I was very young, I wrote a series of scripts for a TV western. It was pretty much non-erotic stuff but I did love putting words into the mouths of the characters. Now, when I watch any show on TV, I sit there wondering how they could ever approve some of the terrible dialogue. Screen writing seems to be a group effort now with voting rights and pressures for actors lobbying for more exposure. There are some notable exceptions like "Justified" or "Downton Abbey". I think the best writers are primarily writing sound bites for clueless politicians relying on reading the words from screens in front of them and not understanding the very meaning of the words spoken. Sometimes actors are the same way but some of them are so absorbed in the role that they actually believe the words they are saying. Hoping for a prolific February and lots of sequels. HL