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Nervous? Not much.

January 27, 2013
Posted at 1:27 am
Updated: February 13, 2013 - 9:15 am

Today is Sunday. Well, where I am, it's not quite Sunday yet, but the SOL clock is in a different time zone. I'm already focused on Monday night.

Around 8:00 EST Monday night the final chapter of "Triptych" will post. I finished it a few weeks ago and uploaded it for automatic posting. Since then, I've revised and re-loaded it half a dozen times. I so want it to be perfect.

Twice I've written about homeless people. Once in "Triptych" and once in a story that may be published later this year by Elder Road Books. If it is, it will probably sell all of ten copies if I can chase down that many people and force them to click the buttons on Amazon. It is a journey inside the head of a chronically homeless man. Who wants to read about that?

Still, though not in a particularly bad sense, if I can manage to sell my home in the next few months, I, too, will be homeless. I hope to buy a vehicle I can live in and travel the country, a little bit at a time. Maybe I'll meet you along the road.

But before I get there, I keep revising my vision and my stories. It's harder to revise my vision, because each time I read what I've written in "Triptych" chapter 48, my eyes are filled with tears. It won't be bad, I assure you, but it still pulls at my heart each time I read it.

So maybe I'm not nervous. Hopefully I won't revise and reload it any more than I have. But as the adage goes, my heart is on my sleeve and I wait in anticipation, dread, and hope, all at once.

See you again after Monday.