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Chapter 2 of It's a Helluva Job is up, Read this!

January 26, 2013
Posted at 10:41 pm

The first thing I should note about this story is that the regional dialect will be going away after this chapter. Both in Joe's thinking and in his speech pattern. At least I intend to stop writing it.

The second thing I should note is that I'm not an expert on dogs. If you have information or wish to help me write more realistic dogs send me a note. Be prepared to be ignored though. I will try to keep my dogs realistic but as with my people they are fictional and if I want them to behave a certain way they will behave that way.

The third thing I should say is this: If you're thinking about sex with your dog Rachel Ross wrote (or stole and rewrote) the best all around guide to dog sex. I claim no expertise that was not gained from Rachel's work. The best place to find the guide is on her site at ASSTR.

Thank you for your patience and for reading my work. All the credit for what is right with my writing must go to the Swarm Cycle author's group while all the blame for what is wrong must rest solely on me.