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Alternate Discipline Plan in Europe Chapter 80 is here.

January 21, 2013
Posted at 10:19 am

I know, I know! I hate it when real life interferes with the fictional world I'm creating.

At least, I had a day off today, so I could proofread my chapter a last time before I uploaded it to the server.

As you can guess, I won't be able to keep my publishing schedule I had set for myself. However, you can be sure that almost every available time I have, will be put to good use on this story. I really want to finish it in the coming months, so I can start working on another story, Veerle's NIP-adventures and also start writing down ideas about the second book about ADP.

At least, I hope you will enjoy this chapter as much as I liked writing it. There sure happened something I hadn't counted on when I thought up this part of the story a few months ago. Although, I like the surprise that popped into my mind for Sandra. :)

Best regards,