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This is a synopsis?

January 20, 2013
Posted at 9:10 pm

"I'm totally rewriting it, I'm not sure on how long it will take, thanks again."

From Wikipedia, the definition of "synopsis"

A synopsis is a brief summary of the major points of a written work, either as prose or as a table; an abridgment or condensation of a work.

Does that look like a synopsis to you? Does it tell me anything about the story?

And again my apologies to the author, but what does SOL say about the synopsis in the wizard for posting a story:

A short synopsis about the story, to help attract readers to read your story.
The story's synopsis is what attracts the readers to your story.
You need to give them a reason to click your story and read it.

Is there a reason there I'd want to click the story? I have no idea what the original version was about, except it needed rewriting.

Needless to say, I didn't "click the story."

'nuff said?