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Notes on It's a Helluva Job

January 20, 2013
Posted at 8:13 pm

Writing is a collaborative effort. That is especially true of Swarm Cycle stories and none of my swarm cycle stories would be near as god as they are without the unfailing help of the Swarm list.
If I don't write well people won't read what I write. Therefore I'm asking once more for those of you who read my work, any of the pieces who think that you may have seen a typo or some other way to improve my work to take a moment and write me a note. For those who have said that both Heinlein Station and Pickup in a Hurry are short and not really stories, I appreciate the feedback. I'm finding it difficult to figure out the process of creating a really compelling plot for my stories no matter what their subject.
If you all will bear with me I will continue to work on the issues you've mentioned. I'm much better at seeing a single scene and writing it than seeing a character with a dilemma and imagining a solution to that dilemma. Beyond that I seem to gloss over important details.... So if you see something that seems like it is a jarring transition and you can come up with a suggestion as to how to ease the feel of the story then please write me a note. I will at least say thank you if you include a valid e-mail address.
There is one other issue that must be addressed with regard to Its a Helluva Job; that is dialectic. I start out with my main character using dialectic but as many people have noticed when they write in a dialectic it is difficult at best to maintain the voice. So I suspend the dialectic for my Main character after the first chapter and don't even mention the use of it again. If that seems too jarring consider that Joe has two modes of speech. One for the people he works around and one for people he doesn't work around.
Also note that this story is rather long and slow, especially with regard to sex content.