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10th Chapter

January 19, 2013
Posted at 8:29 am
Updated: January 21, 2013 - 1:43 am

I've just submitted the 10th chapter of Hellcyon Days to the queue, so it should appear shortly.
Anyway, thanks for all the comments and encouragement, it's always great to hear that my story is appreciated. Trying not to look too much into my story's ratings, though it's still an easy way to observe how 'liked' it is.
Anyway, on to my latest chapter.
*Spoilers below*
So this chapter we discover the source of the scream, I had at first wanted to introduce the Aoki family slightly later in my story, but my muse beat me into submission on this.
Then at the end of the chapter, we have Alex finally 'reuniting' with one of his aunts, which was definitely the scene which I wanted the chapter to end on. Hope you guys like it.
P.S: I'll probably be reducing the regularity of my updates, though I'll try to keep my twice a week posting schedule.
P.S.S: Thanks to a few of my readers, who pointed out the inconsistency in the drivers of the second car, which I've now corrected.