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Two choices for the next project

January 17, 2013
Posted at 7:33 pm

SciFi Nut reports he should have the next batch of Waifs chapters done by next Tuesday or Wednesday, leaving just chapters 18-25 to be edited. That leaves me free to move on. I have a couple options. One is an Ai-related tale, which I have a half page down of, as well as the full intro worked out mentally. No idea where it will go, but that's just a matter of figuring out who the characters are as the are introduced on the page. The other, well, is a continuation of The Magic of Life. Nobody likes the fact I ended in a cliffhanger, which is fine. I'm tempted to mark the new story complete at the end of every chapter in response, but that probably wouldn't be as "insulting" as what I've been told I did to readers in that story :) We'll see which of these projects get to the posting stage first.