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A rose by any other name...

January 16, 2013
Posted at 2:37 pm

I have had several -- well three actually -- e mails concerning the names of characters in Death and Damnation. I admit to having a somewhat juvenile sense of humour, and realise there are many readers out in SOL land who not share my rather puerile tastes. All I can do is apologise if my character defect spoils the enjoyment of people reading my stuff.

Naming characters is an art in itself, one that I do not possess, so I use already established 'names', but not necessarily in the same context that people bearing those names inhabit.
I scatter these names about haphazardly, and sometimes my reader will spot the theme I'm following, and will respond, usually positively but not always. Think of it as Easter Eggs buried in the story; you can concentrate of finding the treats and not bother with the story, or vice versa, or both.

In Duel and Duality I used English place names for most of the officers of the 69th Foot --- some readers on the eastern side of the pond spotted them, but I doubt if many on the western side did. As for those Down Under ….?

I won't let on as to the theme in Death and Damnation, it might spoil your enjoyment, or it might decide you not to continue reading. However, a nod is as good as wink to a blind horse, as my dear old mum used to say -- and no, I never had a clue what she meant by it either,-- and I will, in future stories, eschew 'celebrity names', as some call them. Of course they were just bog standard names until 'celebritized'.

In case you are wondering, my other series, Over the Hills and Faraway, is free of themed character names.

Jack G