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The expected backlash! Whee!

January 15, 2013
Posted at 3:47 pm

OK, it was just one vote, but I'm happy :) The TPA score had been at 9.9.9, with only a half dozen votes, and naturally that wasn't going to last. The latest batch of chapters is where I fully expect to lose new readers, as the nature of the story becomes more apparent (the prologue never scares enough away). The first dissenting voice was heard today, giving it a 8.6.7. Now, personally, I normally take the Plot score to represent how much plot there is, not whether it's going where I want it to go, but whatever. It IS the place I know readers will find fault with the tale. I've yet to get a single letter from a reader regarding things, so am unsure what his exact issues are, but given the story is done there's not much I could do regardless.

I expect further score drops!