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9th Chapter

January 15, 2013
Posted at 10:45 am
Updated: January 16, 2013 - 3:08 am

I've just submitted my latest chapter for posting, sorry about it being a day late, had some motivational issues during this chapter.
I actually finished my last few chapters more than a week in advance, but this chapter took some time to eke out, mostly because I was feeling a little discouraged. I don't want to act emo or anything, but I think everyone would want their first fic to be a success. So far response has been mixed, though thankfully there are a few readers who consistently comment positively on my story and I really have to thank these few. I really don't want to be affected by my story's ratings, but it's like a car accident, you just can't look away and like all people, when I see them go down, I naturally feel discouraged.
Alright, now to stop with my depressing talk, to somewhat make up for my lateness in posting, this chapter is slightly longer than usual and hopefully my next chapter will be up on time, haha.
*Spoilers ahead!*
This chapter ends with the dreaded cliffhanger, though you're only going to have to wait 3 days for the outcome, so it shouldn't be so bad. I haven't gone over it yet, so there might be a few grammar and spelling errors here and there, if you could point out any inconsistencies I'd be grateful.
As always, hope you're enjoying my story.
*Edit: Well, I've uploaded the latest revision to my 9th Chapter, just a few changes here and there.