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Where are you going?

January 14, 2013
Posted at 9:23 am

With stories (and life) if you don't decide where you're going you often end up wandering without purpose. I've gotten a lot of complaints that I'm not writing stories so much as episodes or slices of life. Maybe so but I think that most of us live a lot more like what I've written than with some grand plan. We wander about often lost and wondering how we got where we are. The worst part is that we are often unsure of exactly where we are...

So both in my writing and in my life I need to make more plans and maybe more important set some goals.

What is the difference between a plan and a goal? A goal can be seen as an ultimate destination. FEX I want to write a book would be a rather nebulous goal. In fact the more clearly you (or I) can define a goal the more reasonable it is that we will be able to reach that goal.

A plan (which must always be flexible) is the map you use to reach your ultimate goal. It does no real good to make a plan however if you fail to use it!