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New Chapter for 'When the Hunter'

January 11, 2013
Posted at 9:46 am

Late last night I mistakenly uploaded a late draft version of the story that still had a couple of editing comments and a few remaining typos. I've now uploaded a cleaner version that should fix those problems.

I started working on this new chapter back in early/mid December, hoping to get it posted before (or at least near) Christmas, but it didn't get completed in time. I was working crazy hours and getting home too exhausted to get anything creative done. January so far has been much better.

Not sure when the next 'Hunter' chapter gets posted... I intend to write at least four or more other things first, including the next 'Under a Baleful Sky' chapter (in progress), a new fantasy novel length story and hopefully even start work on the next Arc Deco story. Not to mention several stories that I've started and stopped work upon.

I didn't have much writing time last year but so far this year looks somewhat improved.